My Books

 Joseph the Magician: Magic Coloring Book

1) To teach young kids about dangers of alligators. (facts and fiction)
2) It has great cartoon alligators to color with some fun poems.
3) Included is a great mental effect…

They learn to :
**read instruction
**follow direction
**a little math

And they will be able to do this great trick.

Go to and click on Online Magic to  access the Number Box Trick

If you want to learn, the secret is in the book.

 The Magic is in You

You can purchase my adult humor joke book. A real funny book. The MAGIC is in YOU…The Road To COMEDY MAGIC…

This book is how I found my biological father after 47 years (1996).

And it teaches you how to use this book ..and be a comedian.

 Amazing Magic Coloring Book

The amazing magic coloring book is the easiest trick around. Flip the pages showing they are black and white. Wave your hand and the pictures are now colored. Give the book a shake and the pages all turn blank.